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An Invitation

Actualizado: 28 de sep de 2019

Welcome to the owl's den---a nocturnal sanctuary for the curious of mind. (Though I do love a good sunrise in my old age).

There will be passages in Spanish and in English. Some days shall be philosophical in nature; others may be more prosaic. Talk of literature, movies, art and all creative endeavors is welcome here.

Silly talk is welcome too. May the humorless abstain.

There will be confessions, though not of the salacious kind---I'm no Saint Augustine, so don't expect Roman baths and heretical peach epiphanies (for now).

It's taken me 30 years to realize that perhaps I'm a writer after all. And that the only way forward is to write. This place is a workshop to get ideas flowing... and if something of my worldview comes through, it'll be reward enough.

See you around, stranger (friend).

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